Amber earrings and bracelet

Strong hands are required to make these amber earrings and bracelet adornment. Well, at least it was true in my case because I used hard head pins to make them. 🙂

The earrings

Amber Earrings

Amber Earrings

Stick the head pin in the amber bead, and start twisting and shaping the wire. You’ll want to mainly use your round nose pliers for the shape, and chain nose ones for the twisting. When you’re satisfied, snip the extra bit close to the top loop’s intersection point, and add an earring finding to it.

The bracelet piece

Amber bracelet

Amber bracelet

Though you can use a wire of similar hardness and thickness, I just used another head pin with its head snipped off. I first shaped one end similar to the earrings, but with one less loop. I then added the bead and shaped the other end.

There you go, a matching set!


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