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Wavy macramé bracelet

I’m so excited to write about this wavy bracelet I made! Considering that I’m just beginning to peep outside my square-knots macramé world and have just started learning new knots, I’m very happy with how this one turned out.

Wavy macramé bracelet
Wavy macramé bracelet

Well, this isn’t my brain child, though. I followed this neat video tutorial by Macramé School. There are no audio instructions, but none are needed. The steps are pretty easy and intuitive, consisting only of double half hitch knots. After making the first couple of waves, I was watching movies while I merrily worked my way through the whole length! 😉

How I made it (or how I deviated from the instructions)

I used 4 strands of about 75″ (185-190 cm) of light brownish woolen yarn with some shiny fibers embedded. (This is stuff left over from a knitting project of mine.) I made lark’s head knots over a large yellow jump ring, such that 8 equal lengths of yarn were hanging down. That made one end of the bracelet. I then started following the instructions from the video to make the waves, using reddish-brown glass beads for embellishment. The glass beads would give some weight to the product.

When the bracelet was about 6.5″ (17cm) long — also, at which time a couple of my yarns almost ran out 😛 — I gathered the yarns and ran them through another jump ring. I made a tight knot and snipped off the extra yarn. To secure the end and keep the edges of the yarn from fraying, I applied glue over the edges.

The last piece of the bracelet was the hook clasp, which I made myself. I cut about 2.5″ (6cm) of hard 22 gauge yellow wire, and marked its center. Then, holding the center tight with my round nose pliers, I used my chain nose pliers to bend the wire. I then used my round nose pliers again to hold the double-wired ‘stalk’ of the piece at about 2/3rd of its length from the open end, and bent it using my chain nose pliers. That made the hook. I used my round nose pliers to curl up the free ends, facing away from the hook. Before closing the curls, I inserted the jump ring of my bracelet into them.

Wavy macramé bracelet There, that’s the bracelet, ready!

While I knotted, I could see that some yarns were getting used up faster than the others, and I swapped those with their neighbors from time to time. The swapping’s not very noticeable in the end product, though. I’m sure that when I practice and learn enough, I’ll know how to accommodate for that right in the beginning.

Wavy macramé bracelet Seeing that the knots are not half as bad as how I’d thought they’d turn out, I think I’m ready for some solid creative macramé projects of my own! 😀

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