Crazy wire-caged pendant

I have stashes of strong, thin, flexible, colored wire that nevertheless does not hold its shape very well. I used to make bracelets with this wire, but it’s been a while since I used any of it. This time, I decided to use it for a different purpose — to make a pendant.

Because the wire does not hold its shape, there was no use trying wire-wrapping techniques with it. Instead, I thought I’d loosely wrap the wire around the bead, something like a loose cage. A couple of chunky beads I tried this with didn’t yield great results, though. Then some beads with a spiral design on them caught my eye. They weren’t really that chunky, so I tried joining two of them with a spacer bead in between so that the result appears bigger. The wire melded well with the spirals on the beads… Great! I could use these components.

Crazy wire-caged pendant

Crazy wire-caged pendant

I cut around 10″ (25cm) of copper-colored wire for this, and bent the wire in half. I strung the free ends together through a crimp bead, then one spiral bead, a spacer bead and lastly, another spiral bead. I stuck a thick wire through the ‘loop’ at the top so it does not slip inside the beads. I tied a knot at the bottom with the wires, tightening the whole structure. Then I just twisted the wires around the joined beads in a haphazard manner. When I almost reached the end of the wires, I pushed them back into the crimp bead from the bottom of the bead. I then squeezed the crimp bead shut, and snipped off the ends of the loopy wire where they (barely) emerged at the top of the crimp bead. Finally, I added a small jump ring to the top loop.

Don’t you think the haphazardness (or loopy-ness, if you will 😉 ) of the wire caging gives a crazy look to the pendant? 🙂


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