Squarish paper earrings

My new sideboard arrived recently, and my room finally has some proper furniture in it. Rearranging my stash inevitably followed, and in the process, I found some old one-sided printouts that I’d retained to repurpose as jewelry. So I got to work.

Squarish paper earringsThe base

I cut out eight 1″-wide squares from the paper, and then divided them into two equal piles. I glued together the 4 squares in each pile to make 2 strong squares. (Err, or at least stronger than the individual ones…) I applied my scissors to two opposing points of each square and made them curved. I then used a sharp pin to make a small hole on each square near one of the uncut points. I would use these holes to attach the earring findings later.

The design

I painted a curved gradient on each square using black and dark-blue watercolors. For added effect, I diluted the blue paint on my brush and gently nudged it along, and just outside, the boundary of the curve. That gave it a blot-like look.

I repeated the process on the other surface of the squares, ensuring that the same point is used for the start of the gradient on both sides. I also took care to color the edges of the pieces so the white of the paper doesn’t show up there.

Even after all this, the pieces looked a bit plain, so I borrowed my sister’s Signo white pen and drew some waves and curves on them. Much better!

The finish

Alright, it was time for some gloss! I applied two coats of Mod Podge with a satin-finish on the pieces, each coat applied after the previous had finished drying. (The satin finish is quite glossy. I’d expected a light sheen, but nope, the shine almost blinded me. 😉 ) I then attached a large jump ring each through the holes, and finally added earring findings to the jump rings. Happiness!

So, do you like flat paper earrings like these?


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