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Wavy pearl dangle earrings

Wavy pearl dangle earrings
Wavy pearl dangle earrings

It’s been quite a while since I bought a wire jig. (It’s very sad that they don’t seem to be available in Bangalore.) I hadn’t used it at all, so I decided it’s time for a practice project using the jig. With an idea that was completely different from how it turned out eventually, I arranged a few pegs on the jig in a zigzag shape. I bent my wire around the pegs, but even after a couple of tries with different pieces of wire, the results weren’t as I’d intended. The two pieces of wire looked similar to each other, though, so I thought I’d make a pair of earrings from them.

Wavy pearl earringsGoing through my stash, I came across a couple of large white pearl beads that had a pinkish sheen, and thought I’d add them to the end of the now-wavy wire. The ends weren’t so long that the pearl could be strung and an eye loop could be made while retaining the wavy shape, so I decided to just leave the end of the wire inside the bead. The wire is anyway hard enough to not lose its shape once strung, and the earrings aren’t going to be used very heavily or roughly, so I needn’t worry about them falling apart.

As for the wire jig, I’m going to keep practicing!