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Ruby red dangle earrings

Ruby red dangle earrings
Ruby red dangle earrings

I started making these earrings on a whim, thinking that I’ll first string some wire in some cylindrical ruby-red beads and then figure out what I’ll do with them. I cut some length of wire, made the bottom eye-loops, strung in the beads, made the top eye-loop and wound the wire around the stalk to make a tight coil at the top.

Ruby red dangle earringsNow what, I thought, rotating the beads between my fingers; just attaching it to an earring finding wouldn’t do. I went through my stash, hopeful, and found some large jump rings. Yes, the jump rings would do great! I added a jump ring between the earring finding and the bead. Voila! These ruby red dangle earrings were born.

I then spent time doing photography experiments on the earrings, and learned a lot about diffused light. 🙂

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