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Wire-wrapped pendant

Wire-wrapped Pendant
Wire-wrapped Pendant

When I looked at this barrel-shaped, salmon-colored bead, I knew I wanted to make a pendant with it. I decided to go for a wire-wrapped pendant.

I started out by making the bottom spiral using my round-nosed pliers, and pushed and prodded the spiral into a conical shape that the bead could fit in. I bent the wire towards the center, and threaded the bead into the wire, making it sit in the spiral cone. I then made an eye loop a little distance away from the top of the bead, and continued to the top spiral. After some more shaping, the spiral cone covered the top of the bead nicely.

Wire-wrapped PendantSo there are wire-spiral cones at the top and the bottom of the pendant, there’s only one eye loop (that is, just at the top) and there’s no wire running diagonally along the outside. Finally, a project that’s turned out exactly the way I intended when I started on it!

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