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Long oval metal dangles

Long-oval metal dangles
Long-oval metal dangles

So I had a couple of long metal oval beads with me for a looong time now, which I’d wanted to turn into earrings. They would probably look good by themselves, but I wasn’t satisfied with just that, and decided to add some wire and beads to them.

Black wire was my preferred choice because of the contrast with the golden metal. I’d also planned to string some seed beads on the wire, and got to work testing how they look. After checking quite a few contrasting colors for seed beads and remaining unconvinced, I decided to go with the pink ones since they don’t stand out too much and overshadow the metal, but are still distinct from the golden and black colors around them.

Long-oval metal danglesOriginally, I’d wanted the wire to just run once diagonally across each oval, but found that it doesn’t really stay put, so I added the criss-crossing.

These earrings just look so different from my usual jewelry. Hurrah for experimenting!